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Reliable Guidance

To making informed and profitable real estate decisions.

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Through the right connections and seasoned negotiation skills.

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On development processes and regulations to guide you through property decisions.

Complete Transparency

So you know the range of alternative courses of action and related value factors.

Personal Attention

Because you are important, and we deal with people not numbers.

PHR Project

Commercial Real Estate

The Weeks Crossing Plaza is our pride and joy. This highly successful multi-year project transformed an underutilized area of land into an attractive, thriving business development in New Hampshire.

Residential Real Estate

Eden Estates is a spectacular new residential development with custom houses for sale in Salem, NH. It brings you the best of both worlds – the satisfaction of not having to compromise on your dream home and the convenience of a well-planned residential development.

Solid Credentials

The Right Connections

High Visibility

Local Expertise

Global Service Standards

Properties Around You

Commercial Real Estate

Sell and buy property at the best prices with expert property advice from the best in the business. Our record with prominent projects in New Hampshire makes us the partner of choice for property development.

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Are you looking to do a little research before your next step? No problem.

Use our convenient online search tool, Multiple Listing Service (MLS), to search out availability of both residential and commercial  real estate properties.

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