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New Hampshire Real Estate

Real Estate in New Hampshire, particularly the Strafford and Rockingham Counties, has been the specialty of Peter Russell and Associates for the past 30 years. Real estate in New Hampshire has exploded in the recent years for the many benefits that this region offers for families and business.

Here are some reasons why our clients love New Hampshire:

  • Best State to Raise a Family – New Hampshire has been ranked as the best state to raise children. This report was based on evaluating the economic well-being, health care, and education of its residents, among other factors. The Granite State holds a consistent record in being among the top states that offer a great environment to bring up children in. New Hampshire also stands 3rd on the list for economic well-being based on well-paying jobs, affordable housing and security.
  • Nature at its Finest – New Hampshire is resplendent in nature’s most beautiful bounties. Gushing rivers, deep green valleys, tranquil lakes and majestic mountains dot the landscape of New Hampshire. With 13 miles of Atlantic Ocean coastline and a pleasant weather year-round, this state is a treat to live in.
  • Quality of life – New Hampshire ranks 4th on quality of life. Exceptional water and air quality, low crime rates and general prosperity of its inhabitants contribute to the overall wellbeing of residents in the state.
  • Low Crime Rates – Maine and New Hampshire have been noted as two of the safest states in the nation with Maine ranking No. 1 in crime & corrections and New Hampshire second. This makes these two states extremely viable as places to settle down.
  • Quality Health Care – New Hampshire has come to be known for its quality health care. The life expectancy of residents is 80 years with nearly 83% of its senior residents in good health. The state ranks 7th in Access and Affordability as well as Prevention and Treatment.
  • A Thriving Economy – The Free State Project sums up the economy of New Hampshire this way: “Residents are flourishing in the Granite State, where job growth is strong and the poverty rate is low. There is no income tax, no general sales tax, no capital gains tax, and only a 5% tax on certain interest and dividends. New Hampshire is the only state that does not mandate automobile liability insurance or charge a fee for being uninsured.”

Peter Russell and Associates has helped with many clients buy, sell and lease property in the area. Peter Russell has made a name for himself in major development projects in residential and commercial real estate in New Hampshire. We have completed numerous commercial, industrial and office real estate projects here which gives you the assurance that we know the area inside out and know what it takes to get you the best property deal.

Projects in New Hampshire

One of our major projects that demonstrates our extensive capability is The Weeks Crossing Plaza. This highly successful multi-year project transformed an underutilized area of land into an attractive, thriving business development in New Hampshire. The development has become Dover’s Landmark Hospitality Center.

The planning, design and development of this project required:

  • Property acquisitions for site assembly
  • Obtaining construction permits and approvals
  • Site planning and subdivision approvals
  • Coordination in the design and construction of The Weeks Crossing Plaza, with the DOT
  • Utility upgrading and extension
  • Design and construction of Hotel Drive
  • Installation of a signal light
  • Rezoning the whole area to B-5